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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  May 6, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>>a very emotional day in court today as testimony began in the go ship trial as the fire consumed the warehouse. those poor souls trapped inside. we're preparing to die. they were sending text messages to their loved ones in real time and what would be their final goodbyes good evening, everyone i'm because of the aqa said i'm grant lotus extremely emotional day in that courtroom 36 people died in the warehouse fire. >>back in december of 20 16 in oakland and now 2 men, their
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command and next harris are both charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter and today. we're learning that a witness set to testify this week tragically died in an accident over the weekend crowd forces secret unit was in court today. he joins us live from oakland with the latest his eek. >>yes we will touch upon that the to develop the situation with that juror that died but first this was day one of the ghost ship warehouse trial where the witnesses recalled the prosecution called its first witness is 3 witnesses took the stand and what was a very emotional day here. >>at the alameda county superior courthouse in oakland. >>it was emotional testimony from the prosecution's first witness in the people versus derick almena max harris, the ghost ship warehouse fire trial here at the alameda county superior courthouse in oakland. carroll said nick
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took the stand with a quiver in her voice read the last text she received from her daughter nicole quote, i'm going to die now unquote this week going to be hard week for. >>mister romania and all right the defense attorney for derick almena tony sara explains why he objected to the jury hearing the emotional testimony from the first witness in this trial. >>but the mother on first witness change cry. very emotional we traumatizing will they use that device they wanted her. they are. so that everyone of short-term pain. her suffering and it casts let's call it emotional shargel on the case right at the inception. >>the prosecution second with this was 27 year-old nicholas nico bouchard who told the court that he was the executive producer of the goal ship artists collective though then you got we shot on the court that he signed the lease for the warehouse november, 1020 13 because he was the lead with a good credit
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rating. however, says 3 weeks later he would a doubt after seeing the warehouse was being modified describe those modifications as not having building cold approved by or provision sprinklers plumbing bathroom or working electrical outlets will cross examination. he told the court that he never reported any of that to police the sheriff's office oakland fire or child protective services, yes, she's an end. >>first witness she's hostile hameed from our perspective. everything because he was part of from the goal until. >>you know lived there and then he left. >>now the prosecution's star witness was a resident named elizabeth was all of told the court that she saw huge wall of fire that day. the floor yelling to everyone to get out and she ran to safety. now we're also learning that a witness that was scheduled to take the stand this week. tragedy in some accident in
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the city of sand have low, so we're going to costa county. we're following up on this developing aspect of the story live in oakland has it with you kron 4 news. >>all right his e kenmore developing news tonight. concord police were called to break up a big fight involving upwards of 30 juveniles out at the sun valley mall on saturday night conference morning kelly reports that one officer got a dose of pepper spray trying to disperse the crowd. >>yeah, this was a large scary crowd, here's what the scene looked like at the sun valley mall parking lot around 8 30 saturday night. police say sun valley mall security called asked for assistance, objecting a big crowd of teens. we're getting out hand inside the round one bowling alley and video arcade. >>was becoming very and believe it or throwing bottles and starting fights. this to move the trial to be about 30 plus juveniles. our arrival we system with just version the
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crowd getting them out of the property to somebody's property. the crowd grew to about 70. well we were able to contain them and this person. >>but then some smaller groups broke often wander down to another part of the mall in front of safeway and they're more fights broke out chp contra costa sheriff and pleasant hill police were brought in as well to help break them up. one officer ended up getting a dose of pepper spray one points and those security use pepper spray to break up one of the small fights that broke out. >>o one of the concord police officers within close proximity and took a ricochet from the pepper spray he was exposed to. >>that officer was treated on scene and went right back. no reports of any injuries from any of the fights and no reports of property damage. no arrests were made. pulling kelly con 40's. >>see video today showing the moments leading up to a deadly police shooting in valais how you see it playing out here happened in february of 2018.
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at marine in florida streets cisse's view of renault foster being tased before the shooting happened officials say an officer saw foster riding a bike kind of weaving around the officer allegedly tried to stop foster several times. but says he kept driving away from him. the officer did end up catching up to foster and that is when he says a struggle ensued a taser was deployed. but officials say the taser did not work the officer says foster then took his flashlight from his hand and raised it towards him that is went off the officer shot foster killing him, lake police department has completed its internal investigation and is now being submitted to the solano county district attorney. >>he's lucky to be alive. so says san jose's top top about the officer who was injured during a fatal officer-involved shooting over the weekend as kron four is roughly double reports now officer shot and killed a stolen vehicle suspects with allegedly hit another officer as he was trying to escape.
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>>san jose police chief eddie garcia describing the chaotic scene saturday morning here in the carport on comb our drive where police have cornered a suspect who was behind the wheel of a stolen car. >>the suspect exited the car at one point to a sunroof on the roof of the card really responding officers but not complying with commands to come down and surrender after failing to escape by running across several other car roof tops. the suspect climb back into the stolen car. >>and then drove into a police vehicle hitting and injuring an officer who was on foot. officers fired at the driver. as you continue driving forward and striking the officer. the officer was knocked to the ground. the officer now underneath into the side of the vehicle was pinned between a parked vehicle in the suspect vehicle and 2 other officers opened fire and stop the suspect who then drove into a pole. the suspect was pronounced dead not immediately identified he is a validated gang member has
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a long rap sheets as the chief assault and battery burglary tampering with a vehicle assault with a deadly weapon disturbing the peace. under the influence of drugs possession of drugs possession of paraphernalia. auto theft auto theft or the prior the injured officer, a veteran sergeant was hospitalized treated for broken bones and other injuries and is expected to survive. the suspect who was not armed was said to be on the verge of surrender at one point during the brief encounter when he apparently had a change of heart and made a desperate attempt to escape. but it is just a reminder really all of us with regards to just how quickly things can. >>escalate even as officers are trying to de escalate situations. the san jose rob flood kron 4 news, a big story tonight it's happened again for the 9th time this year, a dead gray whale has washed ashore here in the bay area and this time at san francisco's ocean beach and that's where we find conference dan kerman who joins us now live with the latest dan what a sad sight there.
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>>is that it's right here right behind this is gray whale washed ashore sometime this morning at this point they don't know how it died if it was a lack of nutrition or possibly colliding with the shipper propeller this point though it's quite a sight seeing goers. find tonight because this beach is filled with people for many getting their first up close look that away. a sight to see it ocean beach monday. this dead gray whale i probably die so we get to the beach and i just happen to be walking down this out as well. the giant mammal washed ashore sometime monday morning in since the summer highs. it's generated quite a crowd. >>i think it's sad it's a nice way let's watch this spring that you 80's became a gun to see it. >>caroline parker brought her son saul to see the big creature. this is the 9th did
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gray whale to wash ashore in the bay area this year. >>i wondering if they're starting if they are not getting enough food out there. >>some of died of malnutrition, others from a collision with a ship. well, this one's body looks pretty hacked up the cause of death is not yet known. >>another marine mammal center is expected to be out here likely tomorrow morning it all depends on the tides are going to conduct a which point we should find out what caused it. this whale to die, but the meantime this is really quite a. a sight to see for many people there. dozens of people out here right the tide continues to come in pushing people back that was the people rush is all right behind me. marine mammal center's pretty confident this whale is not going to wash out to sea and the amount of time it will take them to come out here and to study the street
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has the latest live in ocean beach dan kerman. >>all right dan majestic mammals quite a scene there on the beaches, you said as we take a peek outside now get a check of the 4 zone forecast. >>our chief we're just lawrence a car no here to talk about all that right drove in from the south bay today, rain on the windshield that was some real rain drops out there. yeah last couple days yesterday we had some the showers moving into the bay area and some lightning strikes today, a few more rain drops and now the fog is really starting to move in and that's going to be the big story overnight tonight that fog is going to be very thick out there it is going to push well inland in fact that's going to make its way all the way in to the central valley our way temperatures right now a lot of 60's outside today, 60 degrees in san francisco, 62. in livermore 66 degrees in san jose and 60 and santa rosa, there's a storm system you can see just not a big one you've got the low pressure center to the south and then the wrap around moisture coming around that lawyer this year's lightning up once again, and you see the showers popping up to the bay area so
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things staying a little bit unsettled now but more the fog is going to be russian on shore this evening at picking up and moving all the way in the valleys will see some drizzle along the early tomorrow morning. so it's going to be little damp but not to be rain tonight, but it could certainly be wet early on tomorrow morning out to the beaches that was forecast guys back to you laurent. good harder call a new girl. fry this week details on why drivers are striking plus the man behind bars for a severe case of animal cruelty in the east bay, according to police on neighbors alerted officers to that crime and after this nice dead for taste of nice weather this weekend cruiser. >>already getting ready for what's expected to be
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intense wildfire season, the crowd for us capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala now. >>explains the steps the state is taking to prepare. it will burn to the beach. >>it will burn to the sand in the desert state emergency groups are urging californians to be prepared for wildfires. no matter where you live cal fire director tom porter says he expects the coming months to be busy regardless of the states what winter and a 147 million dead trees. >>in the sierra. there isn't any amount of rain that is going to bring back those dead trees cal fire and the national guard are working on 35 high priority vegetation
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projects. >>most won't be finished until the end of the year every piece of the project will have some effect. >>during during this season. and so having the entire project completed is not as important as working on the project. >>the national guard certified 26 helicopter crews to help fight fire from the air the governor's budget allowed us to put additional people on duty to begin planning particularly for aviation preparedness throughout director of cal oh yes says his department is focusing on improving the state's emergency messaging system in talking with utilities about power shut off some making sure that. that the utilities are as proactive as possible that they are actively reaching out and informing the public about what it means to do a power shut off porter says the state has already seen 538 fires this year increased staffing communication and resources. these departments are bracing for busy months ahead in
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sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news heads up you plan on taking uber or lyft on wednesday drivers plan to strike and rally. >>before over begins public trading. the rideshare drivers are planning to strike and rally in new york city and in san francisco for 2 hours. wednesday morning officials say the drivers hope to send a message to over that they want livable incomes and job security and regulated fares. lyft drivers intend to voice concerns over recent pay cuts ahead of going public uber and lyft of offer drivers who meet certain threshold. cash bonuses. the drivers say that's not enough drivers in la and other cities are also expected to strike. the san francisco fire department as a brand new chief. >>yeah deeney nicholson was sworn in earlier today jeanine nicholson crown for charles clifford was there as details. >>where 10 francisco city hall on monday, a new chief of the fire department was sworn in she is janine nicholson, she's a 25 year veteran of the fire department says the first lgbt
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fire chief in san francisco history. she's had a very long career with the fire department sheiwas a firefighter paramedic a lieutenant captain battalion chief in a variety of other roles all across the city she was sworn into the position by san francisco, maryland and breed during some remarks afterwards, she said that she wants to focus on helping firefighters deal with their challenges and also help the department as a whole a work in the challenging environment of san francisco, a very densely populated city. >>i vow to work to ensure that we as a department continue to instill a love of responsibility and service in our members. as we also strive to take care of them. we're addressing cancer and post traumatic stress injury. we will continue to address homelessness in collaboration with the mayor's office. we will continue our efforts with other city departments to ensure we have a robust plan for disaster operations. one foot in front of the other. we
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will get it done because that is what we do. >>chief janee nicholson is the 26th fire chief for the san francisco fire department she replaces outgoing chief joanne hayes white time in san francisco charles clifford kron 4 news. >>take a live look outside right now this is a shot from san francisco's bay bridge to life in terms of traffic and the heavy in terms cloud cover because a it was kind of an days chief meteorologist large cargo joins us. i felt some raindrops out there and we'll take every raindrop we can get i mean it should bone us now i mean this is just all actors force right now we're not done. >>we've got more on the way if you love fog, love tonight. it is going to be sick all around the bay area could sway the valleys and all the way into the central valley are seen some of the push on shore you can see just how high it is here sale of the high deck is moving that means going to move right over the mountain tops and make its way all the interior valleys so we're going to see that sliding on shore now along the coastline will be thick enough likely going to see some drizzle up
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there that we continue to see that low kind of spiral through southern california the wrap around moisture you see moving out of a nevada back in this year and there you go there really seem quite the display right now the lightning strikes there in tall look at that over the summit there those thunderstorms of course what's that moisture gets on the hill that air subsides and well all that rain goes away in the bay area we started out with a couple of scattered light showers and late today, the clouds start to roll and you see little swirl off the coastline that little edie and that is going to really kind of wrap up the low clouds and fog so tonight, increasing low clouds some patchy coastal drizzle tomorrow morning clouds then a lot of sunshine in the afternoon temperatures going to be nice love 60's and 70's tomorrow, 50's out toward the beaches and then for the weekend more sunshine of fog and a slight chance of showers again as we head toward the latter part of the week outside right now got 6, 5, degrees in mount new 66 in san jose, a cool 54 in pacifica 54 also in san francisco 60 and lay off 59 in the napa valley and 60 degrees right now in santa rosa. well, here's your
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pattern you're going to kind of a complex one this week you've got very low pressure spinning down in southern california that was a cut off low that we are tracking all last week finally kicking on shore behind that we're going to see another developing low and that's going to keep things on settle maybe bring some rain drops back the bay area of kind a very similar. what we're seeing from that system right now, but the site it's all about the low clouds and the fog. we'll see a little more sunshine, some warmer weather on the way we'll talk more about that in a few minutes. thank you lord, speaking of that sunshine. a warning tonight about. >>the kind of sunscreen you use on yourself and your kids the dangerous chemicals found and the safe ones you should be using. >>congress looking for new ways to protect kids well surfing the web and give adults the power to go back and delete information we'll explain how it will work.
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>>the story today by the time most kids turn 18 there will be get this roughly 70,000 posts about them on the internet and that spike in child data collected online is spurring some action right now on capitol hill. democrats now want to pass a new law that will give adults the power to have all data collected about them as a kid. >>delayed. >>but paris post a lot things about their kids going for us washington dc correspondent raquel martin explains how the law would work. >>in the new digital age where every click is up for sale and birth. >>they want to know what you did when you were a kid, so they can predict what you'll
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do when you're an adult consumer watch dogs like adverse wednesday want congress to better protect online users, especially the youngest users from what companies looking to cash in threat is very real illinois senator dick durbin is sponsoring new legislation called the clean slate for kids act. >>although current law bans website from saving data about kids unless a parent gives consent parents frequently do sometimes unknowingly durbin's bill would force internet businesses to allow users to go back and delete any information collected before they turn 13, this is an important advancement david simpson, a former homeland security cyber expert with the federal communications commission says it's time for congress to take action congress has like on the issue of privacy the plan would only apply to websites that target kids like you to kids or facebook kids messenger. companies say that the bill would only cause confusion and encourage kids to act reckless online everywhere. it sends the wrong message to children to not necessarily think
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before they post. >>and since wrong message to parents that they don't need to worry carl's abo represents companies like twitter google and pay pow. >>they oppose the bill he calls the policy a fake solution and believes parents should be more accountable. in washington recall martin. >>crime for is now streaming live local news 24 hours a day with no commercials. the new service is called kron on get caught up in the latest breaking news and weather any time of day visit kron on dot tv to start watching now. 5.35 people shot at a popular beach along the central coast and police. >>arrest a teen from oakland, we'll tell you what happened. >>and the wait is finally over the royal baby is here we'll hear from the new dad as he welcomes his son is now the 7th in line for the throne. >>democrats escalating their pressure on the white house over the mueller report and william barr's testimony w
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>>this still remains much to be told. >>donald trump's former lawyer with an ominous warning to the president as he headed to federal prison. michael cohen begin a 3 year sentence for violating tax and campaign finance laws on capitol hill democrats unveiled a dramatic escalation in their confrontation with the trump administration over the mueller report the president meanwhile is reversing his position on whether the report's author should testify.
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>>the president tweeting today bob mueller should not testify know re dues for the dems a flip-flop from what he said just last friday that's up to our. >>attorney general who i think has done a fantastic job for his part attorney general bill barr told senators have already said publicly i have no objection bar is facing a contempt vote in the house this week for refusing to turn over the complete version of the mueller report on russian interference. >>in the last presidential election. mueller is tentatively scheduled to appear before congress may 15th given the fact that far does not seem to be a neutral observer here mueller's testimony is all the more important statement today signed by more than 400 former federal prosecutors said evidence in the report would have been enough to bring felony charges against the president had he not been protected by the justice department policy that shields sitting presidents from prosecution. the president claiming he's been cleared by none other than russia's leader. >>and their first call since the conclusion of the investigation.


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